/ Philosophy

We Treat Pain

PMC’s expert physicians and staff have been treating complex pain and orthopedic conditions since 2007. Having foundation in interventional pain management, PMC’s clinic physicians can effectively treat a myriad of complex pain conditions.

We Believe in a Core Understanding

Our objective is to relieve our patients’ pain by restoring functionality while improving their quality of life. At the foundation of our treatment plan is a core focus on pain management and restoration of physical activities through medication, steroid injection, and physical therapy.

A core understanding of the musculoskeletal system in its entirety (bones, nerves, spinal cord, hip, shoulder and knee pathologies among many other musculoskeletal ailments) allows PMC’s physicians to treat the entire spectrum of pain conditions to include both surgical and non-surgical recommendations.

Rather than simply treating chronic pain with narcotics solely, PMC’s physicians treat each patient individually making an accurate diagnosis and formulating a tailored treatment plan accordingly.